Shuffle Play - Unique Sort Order Every Time?
(2016-05-27, 17:15)robrocke Wrote: Scott, you mentioned using a Smart Playlist. I have been writing up another support forum posting about that because that doesn’t seem to work as expected either. I don’t seem to be able to create a working Smart Playlist based on file/path location on my NAS. It looks to be successfully restricted to, say, the path to the “ROCK” folder, but then when I try to play it back in Party Mode it plays back songs from my entire Kodi Library, which includes all the music from all of those top-level NAS folders (“Rock,” “Classical,” “Jazz,” etc.)?

Can't duplicate that here. Might help if you could tun on debug logging mode and upload a debug log captured when you try to play a smart playlist in party mode to xbmclogs. In your case is eg. "Rock" defined as a source folder? That might make a difference (I use a main "music" folder that is a single source folder for all music).

scott s.
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