What's your favorite Skin for Music?
I'm curious as to what other Music-focused Kodi users are relying on as their go-to skin for playing and organizing their music. I've been a Kodi user for almost two years and using Aeon MQ since Version MQ5. It's very sleek, allows significant customization and displays a lot of nice artist/album/song info. MQ6 and MQ7 even have multiple ways to change your screen for listening.

To keep up with the latest version requires a fee (which I am no longer going to pay) and it's not without it's quirks. For whatever reason, the skin does not use the "I" info button to allow the user to toggle music data on and off. It also does not have a "time-out" for music data. It is always on. I have asked the developers about this more than once and get no response.

I DL'd Transparency! yesterday and like a lot about this skin as well, but it seems a little stale...? Fanart seems tougher to get arranged.

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What's your favorite Skin for Music? - by jasn - 2016-06-09, 16:57

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