Where does Kodi get the Composer from?
Kodi v17 reads MOOD, both for song (from tag) and for artist (from NFO). Skins can display it, although I don't know if they all do. It is just a bit of text, no codification of values etc, much like a comment.

IMO it is a mistake to put Baroque, Romantic etc. in Mood rather than genre, but I guess it depends on your music collection and how you want to use it. Kodi UI is designed to make navigation by genre easy and powerful. For example there is a genre node that will list all the genres to let you choose what to play. In comparison mood is just a bit of text, I don't see that changing anytime soon. I tag all my non-popular music with genre of "Classical" so I can keep collections separate within a single library, and then have extra genre values for "Baroque", "Overture" etc. Electic perhaps, but suits the way I select what to play.

Creating a well tagged library is still non-trivial, but hopefully you will find it rewarding in the long term.

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RE: Where does Kodi get the Composer from? - by DaveBlake - 2016-07-18, 17:49

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Where does Kodi get the Composer from?0
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