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(2017-09-25, 12:38)bkrieger Wrote: Yes, that’s what I meant. It will not find thumbnail icons and fanart. Good to know it’s not supported

Just to clarify: Icons are supported. But the artwork model is slightly more complex than old good Advanced Launcher.

For each ROM, AEL supports the following assets: Title, Snap, Boxfront, Boxback, Cartridge, Flyer, Map, Manual, Trailer, Fanart, Banner and Clearlogo. In order to visualise all these assets you need an skin that supports AEL, for example, Estuary AEL MOD.

On the other hand, Kodi supports the following standard assets: Icon (previously known as Thumb), Banner, Poster, Fanart and Clearlogo. In order to use AEL with skins that do not natively support it, AEL is able to "map" any of the supported assets to any of the standard Kodi assets, using the Launcher context menu (with the Launcher context menu you map the assets for all ROMs in the launcher). By default, the mappings are like this:

Icon -> mapped to Boxfront
Fanart -> mapped to Fanart
Banner -> mapped to Banner
Poster -> mapped to Flyer
Clearlogo -> mapped to Clearlogo

You can see an example of the mapping in the following shot:


Icon and Boxfront are the same image, as are Flyer and Poster.

If you are using an skin that only displays Icons and Fanarts and you want to show the Titles as Icons, just map AEL Titles to Icons. You may want to do this if only Title screenshots are available and not Boxfronts for that launcher.

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