Keeping Playcount Data Between Kodi Upgrades
My only interest in playcount/lastplayed is to spot those items in my large collection that I have forgotten about Smile
Like all my personal data I have no desire to put that on the cloud (old dog and control freak - not trust this modern cloud stuff!)

The difficulty is how best to let users see the new version of Kodi using the tag data that has been in their files all along. It will only do this if the tags are actually scanned (not just a hash check).

We have
c) manipulate data manually....

I can confirm that emptying the strHash field of the Path table causes Kodi to rescan all the music files on library update, gathering all tag data but not overwriting the playcount or last played data. That is a change that can be done with a single SQL statement, but it is stil not nice to expect users to be able to do that.

But I am left wondering if Kodi already has a hidden but more elegant way to do this. I guess I just need to do some more digging.

It seems that we can force it to rescan given an earlier database version using SetMusicNeedsUpdate and GetMusicNeedsUpdate

Any reason not to do that? Somehow, for those with big libraries, I would prefer that it was at the user's bidding than automatic the first time they use after upgrade.

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