Solved "serial recordings" dont show up in PVRTimers (Krypton
Not shure if this is a "Bug" or a "Missing Feature".

In Krypton there was a new Window "PVRTimerRules" introduced, which stores all "serial recordings" / there Rules.

But the Single (child recordings from this Rules) dont show up in "PVRTimers" - Window.


i already talked to @kasoo as i thouth it could be a missing PVR feature.

he told me that with "TVHeadend" it already acts that Way, and Guide me here.


So not Shure if this is a Bug or "simply" a missing Feature.

What i would Like:
I would like to see all planed Recordings in in the "PVRTimers" Window. Means All -> "Record once" AND Recordings which where generated by a serie Recording rule like "Recorde everytime on this Channel".
(Simply beacause it would offer a much better overview on which recordings are planed at which time.)

Currently all i see are the rules Stored in "PVRTimerRules" and "single Recordings" (Record once) in "PVRTimers".

As told, "kasooo" told me this would alredy work the way as intended with the tvheadendbackend: (every planned recording show up in "PVRTimer" no mather if they are "Record once" Items or some "Child Recordings" from one of the available Rules like "Recorde everytime on this Channel".

So not shure if this is Now a Bugreport (as it shuld already work that Way also with the Mediaportal Backend) or a Feature Request. -> Totaly depends on how it was intended to work.

To not forget this Information:
Tested on Windows with Krypton Beta3

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"serial recordings" dont show up in PVRTimers (Krypton0
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