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I'm not sure where to post this but since this will help users into Music Concert Videos and Audio I'll start in this Music sub-forum.

I've just about finished my 'Music Media Helper app' version 3.0 (Windows only) which contains a collection of useful Music file tools:

(Updated 2019-01-29) - New Version 3.4.16 Released (now with installer and auto check for updates)

Latest Docs (PDF) here with Installer download link in the doc:

For those who want to go direct to click-once installer:

The latest 3.4 installer is now digitally signed to stop Norton Antivirus blocking the installer. If you have problems you can download a zip (the old method), just unzip into a folder and run the 'Music Media Helper.exe'

Zip (without installer & auto update):


Provides tools to more easily get Music Concerts into the Kodi Music Video Library including Kodi showing concerts track lists (each songs title):
- Split a Music Concert MKV file into chapters (individual files per song to more easily play specific songs & add to playlists)
- Auto-renaming of Chapter files to their song titles from original MKV (Or copy & paste entire track list at once)
- Create Chapters in an MKV that does not have Chapters (Manual or Import Chapter list from text file or from text file)
- Creating NFO (xml data) files for Kodi to load the Concerts and Music Videos into the Kodi Music Video Library
- Ability to automatically download a Concert Videos 'Poster' (Cover art) and Fanart for the Artist - user selects desired image
- Automatic creation of all NFO (xml data) existing music video files for Kodi (recursive creation for all sub-folders)

Playlist Tools (M3U compatible with Kodi):
- Creating M3U playlist files for any collection of both audio and video files (including Music Concert videos/tracks)
- Drag & Drop reordering & add (Drag) files from folders to a specific position in a playlist
- Ability to copy all the song files in any playlist to another folder/disc
- Automatic creation of an M3U playlist for all Concerts (every concert song in original sequence) and option to copy those playlists to a Kodi userdata\playlist folder on completion.

Media File Manager and Reporting:
- Tool to Scan all your Media files to create a catalog and report csv file or export directly to Excel for all media you have (Audio, music video and Movies/TV Series) - this also shows audio sample/bit rates and video resolution (if any video), size of the media and date last changed
- A dialog to selectively copy any/all of your media to another disc (and to show what's already/not already copied to that disk)

Audio Tools:
- Split an MKV to Chapters and create FLAC files (includes supports for lossless DTS-HDMA and TrueHD at 24/96 or higher including multichannel) - Auto renaming and tagging of FLACs from a MusicBrainz search or manual data entry.
- A dialog to resample any audio file (e.g. 192kHz to 96kHz)
- Option to 'add silent centre channel' to Quad (4.0) audio, making the audio 5.0 - Useful for many modern AVRs that play Quad as Stereo!
- View and/or Analyze and Update ReplayGain (Flac only)
- View status of embedded cover art (recursive on all album folder) and/or automatically update embedded cover art (from folder.jpg or cover.jpg in album folder)

This is a Windows Only app (at this stage)
Requires Microsoft .NET 4.61 (should already be installed on Windows 10, 8 and 7 PCs)

Some Images:
What you get in Kodi (Jarvis) Music Videos for Concerts after splitting into chapters and creating nfo files and scanning source folder as 'Music Video':

Here's how Kodi Krypton (Estuary skin) displays a Music Video playlist (M3U) created with this app after splitting into chapters and copying the M3U to the Kodie userdata\playlists folder:

Launcher screen (Updated with version 3.0 new default skin)

Add Chapters to MKV (manually or Import from text file):

Split MKV into Chapter Files with auto file renaming (Or copy tracklist from a website & paste from Clipboard)

Concert Video Image Scraping:

Playlist Editing (Audio):

Playlist Editing (Music Videos & Concerts):

Media File Manager/Reporting: (example for Music Videos):

Media File Manager/Reporting: (Sample for Audio):
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