blu ring when selecting channel
no I am using "Ubuntu Server 16.10" and installed Kodi over the untable-ppa repository.

Yes as already mentioned kodi hangs up when I try to add smb-based video-source (for example the timehshift-share from my TVServer) over the hostname.
If I use the IP instead it´s working fine. So for me it seems to be more a general smb/dns issue instead of being a mediaportal-addon-issue.
I have already added a entry for my tvserver in "/etc/hosts" and also added a host entry in the advancedsettings.xml.
Both didn´t solve the problem properly. Sometimes it´s working and sometimes not. As mentioned in my earlier post important is the first channel selection in the current kodi session.
If the first channel selection is working it will always work in this session. But as already said the host-entries did´t not make it work every time on a new session.
I would say it´s working about 50% at the first channel selection. What is also very strange that the kodi.log will not show any error or timeout.
The last entry is:

16:26:02 T:139924876031744    INFO: AddOnLog: MediaPortal PVR Client: FileReader::OpenFile() smb://steffen:[email protected]/timeshift/live3-0.ts.tsbuffer.

And then noting happens. Also the logfile will not show a warning or an error. The blue ring is then running and running and running...
The only 100%percent solution for me was adding the "substitute" to the advancedsettings.xml.

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