v17 replaygain doesn't seem to be working
(2017-02-09, 00:33)scott967 Wrote:
(2017-02-08, 01:34)Hallucyn8 Wrote: Here's my log, just a couple of tracks played to show that it appears to be picking up the correct ReplayGain

I will do some reading up on ReplayGain to improve my understanding and may do some testing with rescanning my files using different software and/or removing the peak tag to see what effect it has. If I find anything that might be useful I will report back otherwise hopefully we can get to the bottom of the sudden change in the new version of Kodi.

Anything more I can provide to help with any investigation let me know.

Maybe do some A/B listening tests with one set of files having RPG tags, and another set the same files but with the volume modified using the same RPG values. Test with Kodi RPG on and off.

scott s.

Ok, I've done some A/B listening tests as suggested and I think my results bear out the fact that ReplayGain settings in the tags are not being applied on playback.

I took the same two tracks from previous test, i.e. the same song but from two different releases, one mastered at a significantly lower level than the other.

One set of tracks I left as they were with the original ReplayGain tags and the second set I applied the ReplayGain settings to the tracks.

With ReplayGain set to album levels in Kodi with the tagged tracks the noticeable difference in volume is still there.
With ReplayGain set to album levels in Kodi the tracks with the ReplayGain settings applied playback at the same volume

I then repeated the above tests with the RepayGain set to off in Kodi and basically got the same results, the tagged tracks played back at a noticeably different volume to each other and the tracks with the ReplayGain settings applied played back at the same volume.

Just to mention, and it may not be significant, but these are FLAC files as most of my collection is in this format.

Really hope that this can be investigated and fixed as although I generally like this new version of Kodi I am seriously considering going back to the previous version. I pretty much solely use Kodi for music playback and this is a bit of a game changer for me unfortunately.

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