v17 replaygain doesn't seem to be working
I can provide the test files that I have been using but I had a look at the PR that you linked to and the actual coding changes that were made. Now I don't pretend to know exactly what the code is doing but I've done a bit of programming in my time and can follow the logic to a certain extent. Having looked through the code, the amendments to xbmc/cores/paplayer/PAPlayer.cpp stuck out to me, in particular the following lines:

+  if (peak == 1.0)
+    si->m_stream->SetReplayGain(gain);
+  else
+    si->m_stream->SetAmplification(gain);

I read this as if the peak value (in the tags) equals 1.0 then ReplayGain will be applied, if it's not equal to 1 then ReplayGain will not be applied (I'll be honest I'm not really sure what the SetAmplification function does but whatever it is it doesn't appear to honour the ReplayGain settings).

To test my theory I took my two test files, one of which already had the album_peak at 1.000000 and the other which had an album_peak of 0.996613. For the second file I manually edited the album_peak and changed it to 1.000000 so now both files have the album_peak of 1.000000 but with the genuine album_gain settings.

I imported these into my library and verified that "Volume adjustments" was set to "Use album levels". I created a playlist with these two files and the files from my previous test where the ReplayGain settings had been applied to the file and all 4 tracks played back at the same volume.

So in summary, my findings are that if the album_peak is equal to 1.0 you will get the playback normalised as per the ReplayGain tags if not I think you just get the standard amplification (preamp level) as set in the volume adjustments settings.

Hopefully that all makes sense and may be helpful.

As always anything I can do to assist further let me know.

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