v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 18.0)
New LibreELEC.tv Leia build #0108: RPi / RPi2
(Supercedes previous build)

SHA256 Checksum: be262778cae95b7b6c92e1293840681772706a630799ed21dff8ae072e90db47 (RPi)
SHA256 Checksum: a15e031fae4d79bddfc78a06c794699f529da03359436b5fb5b692d3167c9670 (RPi2)

# uname -a
Linux rpi512 4.14.12 #1 Mon Jan 8 22:02:10 GMT 2018 armv6l GNU/Linux

# vcgencmd version
Jan 8 2018 14:33:26
Copyright © 2012 Broadcom
version cc4313d3130326f2ce45d951a3c78b7a8bf20ad3 (clean) (release)

# lsb_release
LibreELEC (Milhouse): devel-20180108220058-#0108-ge3ed698 [Build #0108]

# Kodi version
(18.0-ALPHA1 Git:138fa39). Platform: Linux ARM 32-bit

Based on tip of LibreELEC.tv master (e3ed698, changelog) and tip of XBMC master (efe3050, changelog) with the following modifications: Build Highlights:
  1. New 4.14.12 kernel
  2. New firmware
  3. systemd: persist persistent timer stamps
  4. util-linux: Add systemd service, timer for fstrim
Build Details:
  1. Firmware (Jan 8):
    • firmware: dtoverlay app: Keep overlay symbols private
    • firmware: dtoverlay app: Report unknown parameters in help
    • firmware: IL ISP: Remove DPCM10_8 compressed input
    • firmware: mmal_il: Add missing mappings for 8 bit Bayer encodings
    • firmware: IMX219 tuning: enable motion detection
    • firmware: IL camera: increase minimum resolution to 32x32
    • firmware: audioplus: hdmi: Remove spamming logging message
    • firmware: tidy: Platform cull
  2. LibreELEC.tv:
    • systemd: persist persistent timer stamps (PR:2402, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
  3. XBMC:
    • add artist, album and track to mp4 tag loader (PR:13332, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • [gui] use select dialog instead of context menu for profile lock mode selection (PR:13315, 2 commits, 2 files changed)
    • [cmake] Fix freebsd wayland include (efe3050)
  4. libnfs:
    • NFSv4: add support for fcntl locking (50068b8)
  5. kernel 4.14.y:
    • New commits in this build:
      • vcsm: Define cache operation constants in user header (df265b51)
      • vcsm: Support for finding user/vc handle in memory pool (9f5076a7)
      • vcsm: Unify cache manipulating functions (1a1ad1fe)
      • vcsm: Fix obscure conditions (86d5ad8f)
      • vcsm: Fix memory leaking on clean_invalid2 ioctl handler (63e3fac5)
      • vcsm: Describe the use of cache operation constants (8d806585)
  6. Additional commits/pull requests/changes not yet merged upstream:
    • Added: [env] PR:2392 (perma): linux: update to linux-4.14.15 (-ish)
    • Added: [env] PR:2399 (perma): util-linux: Add systemd service, timer for fstrim
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