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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
Based on the log, it looks like it's having problems communicating with a licence server.

Can you enable libCURL component logging and repeat the test. You'll probably need to pastebin the whole log.

(2016-12-12, 21:59)cabal2k Wrote: Link to instructions (not only for libreelec, its for Kodi beta 6): (german)

Thanks. I can't read that, but I'm not sure why you're following Windows instructions... For Linux the simplest way to install the widevine library is to run the script as per the first post in this thread - there's nothing else you need to do (apart from install inputstream.adaptive, unless you're running one of my test builds when it is already included).

Edit: Presumably you mean this post, where all of the shell script instructions are either wrong, or unnecessary. All that is needed is:
curl -Ls | bash

(2016-12-12, 21:59)cabal2k Wrote: Yes. But some users with (I think) ARM devices (odroid c2 32 bit build and raspberry3 ) had success. Is there an other curl version in these builds?

No, only curl 7.51.0 in 7.90.009 (all arch) and current milhouse builds (RPi/RPi2/Generic).
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