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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
(2018-09-03, 19:22)wishyou Wrote: Hi @Milhouse

Just a quick question, how does the alpha-builds related to your builds now, are they similar?
I.e. can I switch from a mid-august build to the alpha-release without issues?

At this time the latest 8.90.004 alpha build is fairly close to the latest test build, although the Alpha build uses an older kernel (still 4.18.y though, so that shouldn't make to much difference) and lacks various other changes/updates present in these test builds. Alpha/Beta builds will always trail these test builds by varying amounts, from days to weeks. Obviously as time passes between an alpha (or beta) build and the latest test build, the number of differences (mainly Kodi bug fixes, package and kernel updates) steadily increases until most of those changes appear in the next alpha/beta build at which point the differences reduce (ideally to zero, but that will probably only happen once I stop creating test builds).

I don't actively maintain a list of the differences between the latest official Alpha/Beta release and these test builds - if you need a specific feature you could probably determine from GitHub whether it is present in the Alpha/Beta, or not.

Edit: You can switch from these test builds to the official release, the only issue might be wth PVR add-ons as you'll then be relying on the online repository for PVR add-on updates (latest are always included in my builds) and hopefully those are now fairly recent.
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