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New AML release 0.9.11

AML 0.9.11 is a quiet release. It fixes a crash with newer versions of History.dat and add support for MASH's Alltime.ini. The access to DAT information from the context menu is now much faster. The Software Lists now display the number of items rather than the number of ROMs/CHDs.

Note that it will take a few days until AML 0.9.11 gets into the Kodi official addon repository and updated automatically in your Kodi box.

Upgrading AML to release 0.9.11

1) Download AML 0.9.11 from the Kodi addon repository. AML is under the category Program add-ons and Game add-ons, Game providers.

2) Before generating the database and scanning your assets, go to "Utilities" and select "Check AML configuration". Make sure every feature you want is OK and green, otherwise check the AML addon settings.

3) Open the context menu in any root window row, select "Setup Plugin" and then "All in one step". This will extract MAME XML, rebuild all the databases and rescan ZIP/CHD files and assets. You will need to update the Custom filters as well.

4) In the root window, go to "Utilities" and select "Check/Update all Favourite objects." This will bring your MAME Favourites, MAME Most Played, etc. up to date with the last version of the database.

Advanced MAME Launcher | version 0.9.11 | 26 November 2019

FEATURE  [CORE] For Software Lists, instead of showing the number of ROMs show the number
         of Items in Flat display mode or Parents in Parent/Clone display mode.

FEATURE  [CORE] Support for MASH's Alltime.ini.

FEATURE  [CORE] Improvements in the JSON index of DAT files. Use dictionaries and not list
         to reduce JSON file size and speed up data access.

FEATURE  [CORE] Improved main statistics.

FEATURE  [CORE] Improve some Software List long names until they are fixed in MAME repository.

FIX      Fixed conversion to int of addon version str in fs_AML_version_str_to_int()

FIX      New history.dat makes AML to crash because one entry could be for more than one
         machine. In addition, the same description can be used over several SLs.

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