Android nVidia Shield TV (2015 & 2017 Models) - UPDATED: May 25, 2018
The Nvidia Shield TV, aka SATV & nSATV, is an Android TV (Googles modified version of Android for use in the 10’ living space) device using Nvidias own X1 SoC (System on Chip) which was launched in May of 2015.  

The SATV comes in 2 models, a 16GB model which can be expanded with external storage (if you adopt the storage) and a 500GB (Pro) model which uses a SHDD for its internal storage.

In Jan. of 2017 Nvidia relaunched the Shield with nearly the same specs as the original model, less an IR receiver, SD Card slot & micro-USB port, as well as being a smaller size for the 16GB model.  The 2017 Pro model of the SATV has the same exact specifications as the 2015 model but comes with an updated game controller & remote. (Note: There is no actual 2017 Pro as it is the exact same device as the 2015 model.)  Both the 2017 16GB & Pro models come with a game controller and remote, unlike the 2015 model which only came with a controller.

In Sept. of 2017 Nvidia relaunched the 2017 16GB Shield with only a remote included.  There is however, still the choice of buying the 2017 with the remote and controller.


For non Kodi discussions about the Shield please see the nVidia GeForce forums.

For Kodi on Android discussions related to the Shield see HERE

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Signups for the SHIELD TV Experience Preview Program (requires a GeForce forum account)
  • You can access the Recent apps menu by double tapping the Home button.  This will allow you to quickly switch between apps you have recently used.
  • As of the Oreo update, long press of the Home button no longer pulls up the Screenshot/Video capture feature, this is now defunct. Long press Home now pull up the "App tray", which can be accessed at any time, even from within other apps.
  • PIP (Picture in Picture) – This allows videos to play in a small window in the upper right hand corner of your screen while you navigate through a menu, Leanback Launcher or other apps.  However, to use this feature apps have to support it (currently the only one I’ve seen that does so is Live Channels, though there maybe others).  Also, you cannot use PIP while a 2nd videos is playing.  If you start another video while using PIP it will close. To activate PIP in Live Channels, launch it then pull up the menu by pressing the select button on the  remote, “A” on the controller (considering you have Live Channels setup already) scroll to the second row and select PIP.
  • Remote doesn’t update.  If this happens and you get an error message when trying to update the remotes firmware, first reboot your Shield (may not be necessary) then go into Shield Accessories and forget the remote.  Re-pair the remote then attempt the update again.
  • Writing to external storage.  Although storage permissions are the same as in previous Android versions, now write access is less intrusive than before.  Now the only requirement to get full access to a drive is to “Allow” access via a pop-up window when attempting to write to external storage.  This still requires that the app asks for permission, something Kodi does not do, but no longer requires going out of the app to set the permission.  Allowing the app to write to the external storage is something that you should only have to do once, since after you grant it permission it will not ask again.  NOTE:  This has not been fully tested and it is unknown what will happen if you eject the drive then plug it back in.
    See also: External Storage in 2nd post


Specific for Experience 7.0 (Oreo update):
Quote:Known Issues:
Audio artifact may be heard when pausing content with AAC bitstreamed audio.
Rare occurrence where update halts (reboot to fix).
Rare occurrence where network connection lost after 15 minutes.
Google Play Movies & TV channel appears after reboot, even when removed.
  • There is an issue if you have frame rate switching and audio pass-through enabled which may cause stuttering or lose of audio.  If you encounter this set the playback delay in Kodi/SPMC to 2.5 seconds.  The 2.5 sec delay should work for most users, however, it may require more or less time depending on your specific setup.

    In Kodi go to - Settings > System > Display > Delay after change of refresh rate
    In SPMC go to - Settings > Video > Playback > Pause during refresh rate change
  • It is NOT possible to write to mounted NASs.  There is limited write capabilities with 5.2, however, which requires apps be white listed, this appears to limited to Plex as of now.  Kodi should be added to the white list so that it too can write to mounted NASs, but this will not come until a later update.

  • If you mount a NAS you will lose the ability to write/delete to attached (non-adopted) storage. (fixed in 5.2)
  • Deinterlacing live TV content is broken with Kodi v17.  It's recommend to use the Live Channels app for OTA streams, see the second post for more info.  If you're seeing issue with Live TV you can install v18 (Liea) nightlies and see if that fixes your issue.
  • If you use the Live Channels app using the "Network TV tuner (Beta)" feature with a HDHR, it will not release the tuner when switching channels or leaving the app. You will need to force close the Live Channels app before it release the tuner. For those using the firmware prior to the Oreo update you can rollback to an older version of Live Channels, with the Oreo update you can not roll back.
  • Voluntary Recall of European plug heads for NVIDIA SHIELD AC Wall Adapters
    NVIDIA has announced the voluntary recall of certain plug heads for SHIELD AC wall adapters designed for use in continental Europe, which the company will replace. The affected product shipped with SHIELD World Charger Kit, and European SHIELD tablets and SHIELD TVs between July 2014 and May 2017. NVIDIA has determined that the two-prong European plug head may break, posing a risk of electrical shock.NVIDIA is asking customers to visit for information on how to obtain a replacement European plug head. The recall does not affect any other NVIDIA products.

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