Android nVidia Shield TV (2015 & 2017 Models) - UPDATED: May 25, 2018
(2018-05-30, 18:03)Tinwarble Wrote:
(2018-05-30, 11:49)noggin Wrote:
(2018-05-30, 11:30)pameijer Wrote:  I really would like to know WHAT has been improved. Is it now on the same par as the ATV 4k?  
Suggestions elsewhere that to make use of the new colour space (aka gamut) conversion you need software to specifically call an API. Not sure Kodi, or MrMc, does that yet.  
Where were those suggestions made?  The last time it was discussed it was there was nothing for apps to implement.

That said, I'm currently hearing mixed results.  Some people are saying that it looks better (more of these, but it's a small sample), others have said it looks the same.  Until someone looks at the output to see if the colors are better or not you'll just have to go by your eyes. 

I can't find them now - but it was in a thread elsewhere that was discussing applications needing to specifically enable the new colour space conversion API (wish we'd call it gamut conversion to distinguish from 'same primary' colour space conversion like 601<->709)  and bemoaning the fact that Android TV playback code already decodes the colour gamut etc. header in the file so 'knows' the gamut of the source and output so it should be doing it automatically?

@wesk05 should be able to tell us - I think he's done some proper analysis of the previous 709->2020 gamut conversion that the Shield TV did. (Reporting back that it wasn't perfect but that it was better than some feared ISTR)
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