Using an LG Magic Remote with Kodi
I managed to get the Magic Remote (AN-MR650) for my new LG Smart TV working to drive Kodi on my GeexBox using a Flirc. It's fantastic to have a single remote to control all the features of a smart TV plus Kodi too!

This is the remote I have:

LG Magic Remote at Amazon

LG's documentation for the remote is horrible. It took some googling and experimenting to figure it out. First of all, I learned the Magic Remote is actually both an RF and IR device. The remote must be physically close to the TV when you program the Flirc because RF communication is needed for the TV to tell the remote the proper IR codes. I know this sounds weird, but it's because all of the intelligence for the universal remote features are in the TV, not the remote. Yawor explains it here:

Flirc Forum Post

Flircs must be programmed using the Flirc app on a Windows PC, but you must do it near the TV!

Second, you must pair the Flirc with an HDMI input using the TV's "Device Connector" menu. That setup requires you to select a device vendor. Of course, neither Kodi nor Flirc are on that list. I chose 'Sony'. You can probably choose any brand, but you must choose one because it defines the IR codes the Magic Remote will send to the Flirc. The Flirc will then convert those codes into the MCE keys that Kodi needs.

If you are not familiar with Flirc programming for Kodi DVR functions, I detail it thoroughly in my Kodi DVR guide:

The Best HTPC Solution for Internet and Live TV in America

Unfortunately, only about half of the buttons on the Magic Remote can be programmed into the flirc. I don't know why. But, it's enough to drive Kodi including DVR functions if you use the numeral buttons also. Strangely, the four colored buttons do not work. Does any one have any idea about how to get those working?

Regards, Clay

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