v17 Pulling hair out w/ 4K and I'm already bald!
Yes, 4k can get very confusing at first and you find many conflicting answers from many different sources.
In your case, I suggest you start as lean as possible and work your way up from there. Take your AVR out of the equation for starters. Once you have good communication from your pc to your tv, add the avr in.

Plug your GPU into your tv. I suggest a non-arc port. Make sure the port you select is hdmi 2.0 on your tv. Edit the Device Type for that HDMI source input to 'Bluray'.
Turn on HDMI UHD Color for that port in your tv.
Set HDMI Black level to auto and Auto Motion Plus to smooth.

Set the resolution for your Nvidia GPU to 2160p at RGB Full, 12 bit.

Set resolution in Kodi to 2160p with Adjust Refresh rate to match video on start / stop. Sync playback to display off. Render method auto. Hardware acceleration on. Use fullscreen window on. Use limited color range off.

Play your video. If everything is good, add the avr back into the system using the avr output to the same HDMI input you just used on your tv.
This should get you started.
HOW TO - Kodi 2D - 3D - UHD (4k) HDR Guide Internal & External Players
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