Req Composer tagging on Cuesheets for single FLAC file albums
(2017-02-12, 18:05)DaveBlake Wrote: What is the standard for cuesheets? Whatever Kodi does needs to be to some kind of common standard if possible. Find me some references perhaps for COMPOSER in cuesheets in other players?

Sadly, the 'standard' for cuesheets is not very comprehensive - they were never intended to carry loads of metadata, just the things that CD players might understand in CD-TEXT. The format originated with CDRWIN just for burning CDs. According to this tags supported in the cuesheet are only TITLE, PERFORMER and SONGWRITER but GENRE, COMPOSER and ARRANGER can be specified in a separate CD-TEXT file.

EAC writes tags it regards as non-standard (GENRE, DATE, DISCID and COMMENT) behind a REM tag, but it also writes the same tags to the FLAC so these are redundant. It writes PERFORMER to each track per the %artist% field but doesn't write SONGWRITER tags. I believe Foobar uses cuesheets as playlists but I've never tried it and it looks like they don't mess with the CDRWIN standard. Mp3tag doesn't write SONGWRITER tags either.

So I would say:
- all metadata which relates to the album as a whole should be read from the parent FLAC (as it is for single-track FLACs) and copied to each track entry in song_artist etc. with appropriate roles
- in the absence of this metadata in the FLAC, read it from the header of the cuesheet and copy to each track entry
- per track metadata to be read from the PERFORMER tag with support for artistname(role) format since nothing seems to write SONGWRITER tags. These data overwrite the above album-wide data.

BTW, is Kodi supposed to able to unravel strings like PERFORMER = "Mozart(Composer) / Solti(Conductor) / Berlin Phil.(Orchestra)" ? I couldn't get that to work although it does read multiple PERFORMER tags in the artist(role) format Cool

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