adding local trailers to a view
(2017-02-13, 01:14)KODser Wrote:
(2017-02-13, 01:12)marcoooo Wrote: almost there

now the trailer plays in the videowindow and on the background ...

You just need to put the ,1 to play only on the videowindow that you made - PlayMedia($INFO[ListItem.trailer],1)

If this doesn't work it's because you have a setting on the skin that enables the video on the background. you need to disable it or force it to disable only in that view with something like this inside the wraplist or list (were all the containers are defined)
PHP Code:
<onfocus condition="Skin.HasSetting(global.showvideo)">Skin.ToggleSetting(global.showvideo)</onfocus>
onunfocus condition="Player.HasVideo">PlayerControl(Stop)</onunfocus>
onunfocus condition="!Skin.HasSetting(global.showvideo)">Skin.ToggleSetting(global.showvideo)</onunfocus

On the skinsettings xml you need to see the exact name of the setting

example on the skin that I use
you need to put that after this
PHP Code:
<include name="View_57_ExtraInfo">
description>List View (id=57)</description>
control type="group">
control type="group">
control type="list" id="57"
Hello, I am not sure you are still here.

Above your code, I tried but it still plays trailer window and background both.

Here is my code.

<include name="View_601_Poster_Movies">
        <control type="group">
            <control type="list" id="601">
<itemlayout height="291" width="212">
<focusedlayout height="291" width="212">
<control type="group">
<control type="videowindow" id="2">
                <description>Trailer Video Window</description>
                <visible>Player.HasVideo +!ListItem.IsParentFolder | Control.HasFocus(601) | Control.HasFocus(11) | Control.HasFocus(77)</visible>

<control type="button" id="11">
                <description>Trailer Playback</description>
                <texturefocus colordiffuse="$VAR[BackColorButton]">flagging/video/flag.png</texturefocus>
                <texturenofocus colordiffuse="ff404040">flagging/video/flag.png</texturenofocus>
                <onload condition="Skin.HasSetting(global.showvideo)">Skin.ToggleSetting(global.showvideo)</onload>
                <onunload condition="!Skin.HasSetting(global.showvideo)">Skin.ToggleSetting(global.showvideo)</onunload>
                <visible>!IsEmpty(ListItem.Trailer) + !Skin.HasSetting(WindowedTrailer) |Container.Content(movies)|!ListItem.IsParentFolder| Control.IsVisible(601) </visible>

Please tell me what I have missing?

thank you

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