v17 "fullscreen" not really full screen.
Kodi version: 2:17.0+dfsg1-3
OS: Ubuntu Mate 17.04
Nvidia proprietary drivers

Kodi starts out not filling the entire 1920x1080 monitor. It's always the very bottom that is left blank. This is more of an issue with video playback since it ends up shrinking the horizontal to maintain the aspect ratio of the video and I end up losing several inches of TV real estate. If I drop out to the DE, that is using the full screen so back in Kodi, I noticed that if I change the device, from either HDMI or default--it doesn't matter what it's set at our to, the issue comes up for both and changes when the other is chosen--Kodi then fills the whole screen for both the GUI and playback. Problem is, it sometimes reverts after a video ends and I have to cycle the display device again.
I've now created an xorg.conf file to see if making things more static would help but it didn't change anything.
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"fullscreen" not really full screen. - by rafe101 - 2017-03-16, 20:17

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