[LINUX] Enable XvMC for FFmpeg in XBMC's DVDPlayer?
Is it possible to add XvMC support for FFmpeg in XBMC's DVDPlayer (to the XBMC for Linux port)?
...or does that create to many new dependencies to X video extension (Xv) for the X Window System?

HAVE_XVMC_ACCEL=yes in config.mak was the information I found but that could be old and out-of-date?

MPlayer video output module uses XvMC functions so maybe best would be to look at how they implement it? but try if possible to port the latest libxvmc from the openChrome project in order implemented that in XBMC's DVDPlayer as I understand that is the most up-to-date version of libxvmc?

XvMC will enable GPU assisted video decoding of Motion Compensation and iDCT for MPEG-2 (and MPEG-1?). I know not many movie or TV-show rips downloads are MPEG-2 these days but remember that DVD-Video (so VOB and ISO/IMG images) are MPEG-2 and so are also many Live-TV streams and recorded TV-files from MythTV, ReplayTV, TiVo, VDR.

It should make video decoding of MPEG-2 use less CPU, and make slower computers decode higher native resolution MPEG-2.

PS! I am not sure how it would work in XBMC for Linux but one thing that might be smart is to do what MythTV has done an added a "UseXvMCForHDOnly" (Use XvMC For HD Only) switch that automaticly only enable XvMC when the native horisontal video resolution is over 720 pixels. They do this because their XvMC implementation has a couple of limitations:
  • BOB and onefield are the only Deinterlacing methods that work with XvMC.
  • Picture in Picture, or PiP, doesn't work with XvMC.
  • Editing a video is difficult to impossible with XvMC.
  • Stepping though the video frame by frame can cause artifacts with XvMC.
Maybe we could workaround those caveats if needed Huh
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