Multiple file formats of same artists
(2017-05-23, 23:36)DaveBlake Wrote:
(2017-05-23, 22:41)ruckstande Wrote: It just doesn't come off very user friendly for music management. I use Media Monkey on pc which is extremely powerful yet easy to work with. I typically wouldn't have to do things outside of the application before bringing them into the program.
No problem. On Windows use Media Monkey or Foobar or whatever, if it does what you want. To turn a £30 RPi into an amazing media player, then IMO Kodi is unbeatable. Wnat something that runs on every thing (well almost) , and is free, then again that's Kodi.

Could the music library be even better, sure yes. I'm working on it.

I am the only dev with a real interest in the library at the moment, and the lack of others with detailed knowledge of that part of the design could lead to the impression it was "never a big focus". I just wanted to say that having looked at what has been implemented for both music and video libraries, I can't really see in what way music was left out. Music use of Kodi is only secondary if we talk about it and treat it that way.

Completely agree - I think it's mostly a case of us discovering there are complicated aspects of music library management that deviate from the simple Artist - Album - Track structure (i.e. Singles, EP's. Box Sets etc). The same is true of Music Videos which totally lies between music and video and reveals a less well thought out aspect of Kodi (as it does with plenty of other systems too).

Precisely the same situation existed with Box Sets for video etc. Finally it was solved, and the same will happen with music issues too (I believe).

With only one developer (you) and a thousand opinions on how things should work - it's always going to take time!

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