v17 Fire TV - How do you get decent interlaced playback?
If Hardware acceleration is turned off, then it is up to the CPU's to do both the video decoding & the deinterlacing.

Now if you want 1080i mpeg2 / h264 CPU software video decoding and high quality YADIF2x full motion software deinterlacing (Deinterlace option in Kodi Krypton) then you need a pretty decent CPU package like you currently find in Intel machines or now also with the new Apple TV 4K hardware with it's A10X Fusion SoC (click)

The FireTV's do not have the CPU ponies to do both.

Unless of course you have high quality hardware deinterlacing already available and working with Kodi Krypton - and for that AMLogic S8xx / S9xx devices running LibreELEC Kodi Krypton or SPMC (Kodi Jarvis) in Android can do exactly that, both using Amcodec Hardware video decoding and deinterlacing.

It would be interesting to see if the 2017 FireTV Gen3 that has an AMLogic S905Z Chipset could run SPMC 16.7.2 (Kodi Jarvis) and possibly utilise Amcodec hardware video acceleration.

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