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Can't play BDMV blu ray rips or .iso
Using DSPlayer with Emby Kodi addon. I've disabled HTTP over SMB and am using the "Native" (i.e., direct paths) setting. The player fails to open either .isos or full blu ray rips in /BDMV folder structure. Can anyone help me out with the log file below? Not sure what is going wrong.

08:23:26.858 T:9704 ERROR: CBlurayDirectory::GetDirectory - failed to open smb://Movies/Family/The.Smurfs.2
08:23:26.858 T:9440 ERROR: XFILE::CDirectory::GetDirectory - Error getting bluray://smb%3a%2f%2fMovies%2fFamily%2fThe.Smurfs.2/root
08:23:26.858 T:9440 ERROR: CGUIWindowVideoBase::ShowPlaySelection - Failed to get play directory for bluray://smb%3a%2f%2fMovies%2fFamily%2fThe.Smurfs.2%2f/root
08:23:26.872 T:9440 NOTICE: CDSPlayer::OpenFile - DSPlayer: Opening: smb://Movies/Family/The.Smurfs.2/BDMV/index.bdmv
08:23:26.873 T:9440 NOTICE: CDSPlayer::OpenFileInternal - DSPlayer: Opening: smb://Movies/Family/The.Smurfs.2/BDMV/index.bdmv
08:23:26.874 T:1316 NOTICE: CDSPlayer:Tonguerocess - Creating DS Graph
08:23:26.876 T:9212 NOTICE: Loading filter core factory settings from special://xbmc/system/players/dsplayer/filtersconfig_internal.xml (filters configuration).
08:23:26.879 T:9212 NOTICE: Loading filter core factory settings from special://masterprofile/dsplayer/filtersconfig.xml (filters configuration).
08:23:26.879 T:9212 NOTICE: special://masterprofile/dsplayer/filtersconfig.xml does not exist. Skipping.
08:23:26.879 T:9212 NOTICE: Loading filter core factory settings from special://xbmc/system/players/dsplayer/filtersconfig.xml (filters configuration).
08:23:26.886 T:9212 NOTICE: Loading filter core factory settings from special://xbmc/system/players/dsplayer/mediasconfig_internal.xml (medias configuration).
08:23:26.887 T:9212 NOTICE: Successfully loaded rules
08:23:26.890 T:9212 NOTICE: CFGLoader::InsertAudioRenderer Successfully added internal sanear audio renderer to the graph
08:23:26.912 T:1204 NOTICE: EMBY.kodimonitor -> Method: Playlist.OnClear Data: {"playlistid":1}
08:23:26.947 T:9212 NOTICE: CFGLoader::InsertFilter Successfully added "(i) LAV Splitter Source" to the graph
08:23:26.953 T:9212 ERROR: CFGLoader::InsertSourceFilter Failed to load file in the splitter/source
08:23:26.953 T:9212 ERROR: CFGLoader::LoadFilterRules Failed to insert the source filter
08:23:26.953 T:9212 ERROR: CFGManager::RenderFileXbmc Failed to load filters rules
08:23:26.953 T:9212 NOTICE: thread end: CDSGraphThread::OnExit()
08:23:26.953 T:1316 ERROR: CDSPlayer:Tonguerocess - Failed creating DS Graph
08:23:26.953 T:9440 ERROR: Playlist Player: skipping unplayable item: 0, path [smb://Movies/Family/The.Smurfs.2/BDMV/index.bdmv
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