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(2017-08-22, 09:02)HiFi88 Wrote: used it as server had it running 24/7 but the fan started to be a bit noise so I turned it off with the result I never really look at these movie's any more. Perhaps as I got a new TV and then changed the cabling too.
Anyway I now still got the original black DVD box and I was thinking it is a shame to throw them out, and as you pointed out the software formats changes over time and the DVD's they are still in mind condition.
Now I want to rip them again and at the same time file the DVD in a less space, you mentioned you had gotten some sleeves for shoeboxes and I found some binders on-line saying you would save 69% space sound good (see below) but do you have any advise Huh

Secondly not sure I want to place my DVD's in the basement may be a bit damp over the winter and I hear but never seen that DVD's can rust and deteriorate at the edge. Not sure if that is true or not ??

Thanks HiFi88. Over the years I've run into similar issues as you have with fans (both CPU and power supply) but I've had the fortune of running a computer refurbishing project for the past 12 years so getting fans hasn't been much of an issue for me. I would check to see if you have any computer recyclers in your area because if you do fans would be really inexpensive.

What I was doing before was storing the DVDs in their original box in cardboard boxes. Our storage space is small. We live in an apartment, so we generally don't have to worry about water issues. That said, we have apartment insurance if something were ever to happen. The one thing I've done is make a list of DVDs/Blurays and stored it online. Part of the reason is when I'm out hunting for DVDs/Blurays it helps me figure out what I have so I don't buy the same thing twice. The other reason is to fill out those sets of movies (for example: 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later). I haven't put my television shows online yet, but that collection is still relatively small (less than 30 shows).

Storing DVDs in their original cases was taking up to much space so I ended up buying a few of these:


Note: again not my affiliate code, just googled it.

I hear what you're saying about DVD degradation. To be honest the only DVDs I've had an issue with are a few that I've burned over the years. The answer on The Guardian seems to reflect this:


They're basically saying commercially pressed DVDs could last anywhere between 20 to 200 years, but burned DVDs might not even last 15 years.

I don't expect my DVDs to last even 20 years, by then I'll have probably moved on and thinned out my collection. My biggest challenge at this point is backups and storage space (both physical and disk).

As for the "shoe boxes" I simply store the artwork (covers) in a large shoe box.

What you posted looks a whole lot better than how I'm archiving things, but it also looks like it could get costly if you're buying "sleeves" to fit binders. But I love the labeling and artwork.

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