First foray into MB classical tagging
So I wanted to better understand what MB is doing with classical, since it seems like MB is something like authoritative as a structure as far as Kodi music db is concerned. My goal is to both understand the proper style of the tag data, as well as the entity relationships.

What I see is in MB, a "track" is an instance of a "recording" (many to one). A "recording" is an instance of a "work" (many to one). Other relationships are created at the highest logical level. For example, a "composer" relationship exists between an "artist" and a "work". A "performer or conductor" relationship exists between an "artist" and a "recording".

In Kodi we don't have a notion of "recording" or "work", so there is a problem of mapping our relationships.

We could probably live without the "recording" concept, as I don't how often users would have multiple examples of a single recording ("best of London Symphony Orchestra"? Probably not).

But the lack of a "work" entity does make it difficult, since users probably are in fact interested in specific works. If we use the MB style guidelines, the work title is embedded within the track title, but that makes it a bit cumbersome to search on, plus often we are interested in metadata about the work (such as its history or composition) and that would have to be repeated for every track in Kodi db representing a work (or part-of).

I don't do Picard but I see "work" is supported in tags. I don't see exactly how Picard handles relationships though.

scott s.
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First foray into MB classical tagging - by scott967 - 2017-08-23, 23:48

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