First foray into MB classical tagging
Also remember that the data Kodi uses in the future is not limited to what Picard (or any other tagger) puts into tags, anything MB holds can be fetched later by a scraper providing we have the fundamental mbids (which we do).

Kodi already has those relationships between artist and track that it can get from current tagging held as roles. In MB these are a mix of artist to work and artist to recording relationships, both denormalised up to song.

I don't think Kodi will ever get into recordings - even the MB datbase has many duplicates where those submitting have not managed to identify the recording was already entered for another release.

But "work" is a possibility. It has meaning for pop music too, if it is enetered, although a song is often identifiable by name alone, that is not always true. Since MB has a work ID, the work title does not have to be embedded in the title, or at least if we have a work table (self relating for parts of a work e.g. movemnets) then the song title could be a shortened version. However I have not given this any great thought yet.

One place where MB entries are mixed in style is classical guitar music (there are many equivalents I'm sure) where there is a famous guitarist playing music by various composers. The gutarist is album artist, but sometimes the composer is given as the artist and sometimes the guitarist. I guess this is because so many media players do not list composer that was a way to make it visible (the other being add composer to track title). Then some have composer as a (work) relationship, some have performer (on guitar) as a (recording) relationship, some both, and many have neither (although they could be edited of course).

Quote:I don't see exactly how Picard handles relationships though.
It varies, not all relationships are present. Some "Artist" to "recording" relationships are handled using the performer, conductor, arranger and producer tags, while Artist" to "work" as "composer" gets into composer tag. But that is just from inspection, I have not seen a complete map.

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