Reproduce a complete album
Ah I understand now, thanks for clarifying.

Album artists lead to the all the songs on album, but if filtering is applied then the filter criteria are passed to both albums and then songs. This includes song artist, hence the behaiour that you see. I know it has been like that since at least v15 Isengard, probably before that.

But perhaps there are work arounds that can give the behaviour you want.

Maybe you would be happier with "show song and album artists" setting disabled, that way the artists node shows only album artists, and thenonly the albums by that artist, not the other albums where they only feature on a song as a guest or a various artist collaboration.

Also artist smart playlists, rather inconsistently, do not pass the filer rules down on navigating to albums and songs. So a playlist of artists will give you all the songs on an album when you click on artist then album, regardless of the rules. Maybe make a custom node to replace the artists node?

I would like to extend the navigation within the music library to do much more, making seeing all the songs, or just the filtered ones etc. optional while navigating, or being able to "move laterally" to say more albums by a guest artist of a song. I hope it will happen eventualy, when I find enough time.

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