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Summary of reports

The following is a summary of the bug reports from this and other threads.

Do not post a problem if it is already listed here

If you post an issue in this thread, and would like it included in this list, then provide a statement of the problem in 20 words or less.

  1. Different coloured themes (multiple)
  2. Various issues with Tapatalk (posts 347-358)

Plug-ins/Mods to investigate
  1. LockOldThreads - Locks threads after a specified time from last post to prevent old threads being resurrected.

  1. Login not persistent
  2. Funnies with the header layout (post 8)
  3. Moderator cannot post to closed thread (post 17)
  4. Emoticons not installed (post 9)
  5. Timestamp header colours needs more contrast (post 10)
  6. User control panel listing for posts per page are not correctn (post 13)
  7. Avatar uploading not working (post 18)
  8. Hyperlink arrows are distracting (post 21)
  9. Subscribed threads glitch (post 33)
  10. New member registration (post 42)
  11. Qouted is misspelled (post 39)
  12. Posts and Threads columns are reversed (post 104)
  13. Forum jump - not possible (post 120)
  14. Request to remove red thread icons. (post 133)
  15. Lists are not including second level numbering or bullet points (post 21 77)
  16. maximise editor window creates unexpected results (chrome) (post 20)
  17. Received" is misspelled. (post 144)
  18. Report Post Issues (slack & post 147)
  19. All embedded images have an ugly border around them (post 150)
  20. Signature box for the Signature box (post 16)
  21. Unsubcribe from this thread" icon is the RSS icon not intuitive/appropriate (post 138)
  22. Signature is way too big (post 77)
  23. The little image next to links is really distracting, can it be disabled? (post 21)
  24. Rendering issue in User Profile page - may be limited to banned/spammer accounts (post 145)
  25. Forum Rules links in each subforum are unlinked (post 49)
  26. Can moderators have banning buttons directly on the user profile pages (post 157)
  27. Mouse rollovers blank text and buttons (post 9, 15 162)
  28. Timestamps in quotes are formatted strangely (post 62)
  29. Page selector buttons not uniform in size (post 35)
  30. Unapproved Threads (posts 4, 5, 6)
  31. Cannot click images to enlarge (post 53)
  32. Move "Delete this post" icon to far right end of icon group- Stated as Fixed, but icon still has not moved. yes it did. (post 26)
  33. Difference in font used between Quick edit and Full edit (post 37)
  34. Alternate background colour for nested quotes (post 34)
  35. Thread titles in the forum view are legible, while the thread titles in the Search results are almost invisible (post 74)
  36. It is now difficult to distinguish hyperlinks in posts... (post 158)
  37. Right hand window border missing when viewing postings (post 77)
  38. Distinguishing between Read and Unread posts is difficult (post 29, 41)
  39. Unable to vote in threads with a poll (post 126)
  40. Forum no longer uses all available Desktop screen space. Horizontal Width is compressed  (post 77)
  41. Mobile view- no indication between Read and Unread posts (post 73)
  42. Text contrast (multiple posts)
  43. info about the post author took up one or two lines, rather than approximately 15 lines (post 55)
  44. Cannot enlarge Full Edit box (new) -- Works in Source mode, does not work in HTML mode
  45. please increase the size of the two buttons, one being "Mark threads read" at the top of list of threads (post 271)
  46. Below "More" button, cursor becomes clickable pointer (post 44)
  47. Favicon is missing in Firefox on Windows (post 155)
  48. Team overview page needs skinning, unless we decide to remove it. (link)
  49. Tapatalk (https://www.tapatalk.com/download_mybb.php)
  50. Post selection (tick box) and inline moderation tools not functional (post 256)
  51. Inverted colours for page numbers is overpowering (post 44)
  52. Team overview page should list team members with moderator privileges (post 7)
  53. Bar Graph of PM Usage is inaccurate (post 341)
  54. user search on the profile editor page in the moderator control panel also doesn't work (post 362)
  55. Problem with radio button in members listing (post 360)
  56. login button gets hidden below the header (post 84)
  57. Post Edits - Allow forum mods to view post edit history
  58. Syntax highlighting in posts - Syntax highlighting for code snippets in posts
  59. Thread titles are squashed on main page (post 361 / 171)
  60. Bright obvious colour for any Warning Level above 0%. (post 163)
  61. Rin editor - Replacement for the default editor (ref: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid2658196 / https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid2659332)
  62. imgbb mod - to allow image uploading to imgbb and for image link to be placed directly in post.
  63. if one marks a text, to get the option to quote that specific marked text in the next reply (slack)
  64. Full screen editor is glitchy (post 332)
  65. Liking posts shouldn't need any popup or interaction (post 105)
  66. View Unread posts (post 11) - Requested by Martijn
  67. Header layout issues (post 8)
  68. No Navbar in mobile view (post 119)
  69. Replace icon buttons with text based buttons (post 76)
  70. Subscription list- cannot mark read (post 48 111)
  71. MentionMe - notifications for @Username mentions
  72. MyAlerts - can be used in conjunction with MentionMe or standalone
  73. Increase the space available for the thread title in the breadcrumb (post 135)
  74. Linking to a post is off. Tends to position over other posts at random (post 21)
  75. Reinstate Blog link at top of page (post 342)

Cannot / will not fix
  1. Mobile version, list sub-forum links on main page (post 52) (no plans to change that)
  2. New Posts should be renamed to Recent Posts as this is what is displayed (post 338) (shouldn't be needed anymore as we now have 'unread' post as well)
  3. Display absolute time stamps instead of "hours ago" stamps (post 344) (undecided if we're willing to modify the mybb source-code to get this done)
  4. User Post Count to also include unapproved posts (post 343) (undecided if we're willing to modify the mybb source-code to get this done)
  5. turn off, or hide, the mega menu that now appears above subscribed threads? (post 363) (no plans to change that)
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