Have been testing TinyMediaManager as a replacement for Ember, and so far very pleased with it. One issue has come up that I'm having some difficulty figuring out. In Ember I'm able to scrape all of the certifications for a movie from IMDB and store them in the .nfo file. This way for movies that did not get rated by the MPAA in the US I can still have a sense for whether they're appropriate for a child (will become more important for me as my kiddo learns to operate Kodi, and I plan on implementing a way to block movies that are not age-appropriate from the UI).

With TinyMediaManager, there doesn't appear to be a way to scrape all the certifications, so if I select 'United States' as the certification country I end up with a lot of movies that have 'NR' as the certification. Also, with movies that were previously scraped using Ember where the .nfo file contains all the certifications, if I update the .nfo in TinyMediaManager it seems to arbitrarily assign an MPAA rating to the movie, which in some cases is not correct at all. For instance, was just updating the martial arts movie 'The Delightful Forest' and it was assigned a 'G' rating (according to the IMDB it's rated R in the US).

Is there a way to scrape all certifications? If not can I make this a suggestion for a future release?


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