How do I use the forum
(2017-12-05, 16:40)mariaelisakevin Wrote:
(2017-12-04, 21:31)Karellen Wrote: Hello @mariaelisakevin

No, we have no manual to use the forum. It is usually quite simple (of course it is once you knowWink )

Simple directions...
  • The Kodi forum is full of sub-forums. Click on any of the names to enter. Click on any thread in the list to read them. At the end of the thread is a box where you can type a response and press Post Reply to submit it
  • At the top of each sub-forum are Important threads aka Stickies. These contain information that is asked for frequently, or directions to perform certain common functions.
  • If you want to ask a question on the forum, choose the most appropriate forum to do it in
  • To start a new thread, enter the appropriate forum. In the top and bottom right corners of the sub-forum you will see a button New Thread. Use this to create a new thread
  • In the top right corner of the screen, you will see your username. Click on it for the drop down menu. From here you can locate all your posts and threads, access your forum mail and change your settings

We are a pretty friendly forum and all the volunteers are happy to help. Please ensure your posts are polite and worded as a request. Those posts that are worded as a "demand" or worded in a fashion that implies the Kodi Team is stupid for "not including a basic function", is sure to see your post flamed.

Also be aware of our Forum Rules (wiki). We do not allow discussion of banned add-ons (wiki) and anything that is related to Piracy and Copyright Infringement. My Signature below has some useful links that are worth a read when you have time.

Feel free to ask any question on forum use. Best to ask it in the Website and Forum Issues or Suggestions subforum

Please acknowledge you have seen this post so I can move it and yours to the sub-forum mentioned in the previous line. 
Yes, I have read your post.  Thanks so much for your help.

Also, I just followed one of the links you provided and found out that a couple of the names in the list I gave you are blacklisted.  I apologize profusely.  I did not know.  Could this be the reason for the dependency error message?  Now that I know I will uninstall the blacklisted Add-Ons immediately.
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