4k 10-bit HEVC video looks washed out / undersaturated
(2018-01-26, 20:18)DominicM Wrote: I am not entirely sure what you mean by by "handles it right". HDR to SDR conversion would be lossy no matter how good the conversion. There does seem to be a significant difference in how windows player and MPV player, windows player seems way too dark while MPV player looks pretty good. VLC player and kodi do not handle it at all or so it seems making every 4k movie almost unusable.

I understand any conversion is not going to be imperfect but anything is better than nothing and there could be adjustments user can make manually. In the end conversion is only a temporary measure until I get a HDR monitor.

It doesn't sound like what you are suggesting is simple enough to be worth it after all it would be a temporary fix. If it's actually simple enough please explain bit more. I would let emby server transcode but my cpu barely handles 4k playback alone. Maybe when Ryzen APU's come out I can do that if I don't have a HDR monitor by then.
it it simple. Download the the file and unpack it. Inside there will be 6 files targeted at different luminance levels of your monitor. Use Kodi display settings (you can even reach the setting from the now playing OSD) to load a 3dlut, play a movie. Then try another 3dlut until you find the one that looks the best for your eyes. For the best effect do turn uff the backlight (or whatever that increases the brightness, and i mean "brightness" in the normal sense of the word, not the brightness slider in your tv menu since that actually control the backlight 99% of the time)

I have already said that no software does this right - it can be argued it's better than anything but, but yes they all have their own more or less sucky implementation. I don't think Kodi should do something sucky. The backbone is already in Kodi to do it the right way, it's just not automated yet.

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