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Working on an Executor to replace Job* functionality
I'm working on Executor functionality equivalent to what's in Java but that anticipates where C++ might be going with it. There's currently a proposal to add something similar to the C++ language.

If people aren't familiar with how Executors work in Java take a look at a few examples.


Currently I'm just playing with some ideas. C++11 has added so much to the language I'm not yet familiar with I'm trying to work through some of the issues. For example, trying to use std::future like std::thread does isn't easy.

This is really rough, doesn't compile, and is basically my current playground for trying to figure it out:


If anyone has an comments, suggestions, or objections, please let me know.

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Working on an Executor to replace Job* functionality - by jfcarroll - 2018-02-05, 16:20

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