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Important Subscribe for music library improvement test builds
I really appreciate the testing that users do to support the music library improvements I am (slowly) making. Over time there are quite a few of you (and I'm hopeful that there are more of you willing to do this), but of course you aren't all hovering over this forum waiting for me to post. If you watch a specific thread then you have the clutter of other posts mixed into it, and thread subscription becomes tedious.

By "big idea" is I make this thread and lock it so that only I can post when there is something new to test, no discussion just notification. Then users that are interested in testing could subscribe to this thread and receive an email notification whenever I post.

I have no idea if this will work, but we can at least try it.
Please subscribe to this thread if you want to be notified of music test builds.
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Subscribe for music library improvement test builds - by DaveBlake - 2018-04-15, 12:33

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