4K HDR10 - State of Play thread - important media player limitations.
Aside from 3D capabilities, and keeping the discussion limited to devices that offer 4k HDR10, dedicated video cards offer unlimited capabilities in a Windows environment covering every aspect playing this format.  They shine for users who prefer using their own content and demand high quality and versatility with some interest in setting it up.  Fortunately there are 'how to' guides all over the internet making the procedure simple and effective.  Now that bitcoin mining is less of a demand on video card sales, the prices are once again becoming reasonable and more on par with shelf bought devices.  Of course the cheaper end of shelf bought devices can't be compared but you get what you pay for.... or not.

Most, if not all streaming devices, have limitations of one sort or another.  They do offer more plug and play readiness with little setup.  For this convenience, many limitations are introduced and the trade off is based on each users demands.  Highest quality and versatility has not been met to date.  These devices are very harmonious with content that you pay to stream and often developed to synchronize accordingly.  Streamed content is lower quality than original content.  Given the amounts invested in displays, audio systems, environments, etc., players and sources should be considered and not just if it has capabilities to play 4k HDR10 or not.  For those without high quality demands and don't mind limitations, these devices will suffice.  This thread is to sort those limitations.  My contribution here is to include another device in the list (dedicated video cards in a Windows environment) offering unlimited highest quality and versatility available keeping in mind paid streaming content to begin with is low quality and better matched with less demanding devices.
HOW TO - Kodi 2D - 3D - UHD (4k) HDR Guide Internal & External Players
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