4K HDR10 - State of Play thread - important media player limitations.
Tone Mapping Overview (click)

A/V Pro - Audio / Video Glossary (click)

Quote:To understand the benefits of this new feature, you have to understand the basics of tone mapping. HDR content allows you to have much brighter highlights than before, and many of those highlights are brighter than a TV can display.
HDR content has a peak light level, which the TV uses to determine how to display those highlights. The most common peak highlight levels (MaxCLL or Maximum Content Light Level) are typically 1000, 4000, and 10,000 nits. An OLED can typically display up to 700-750 nits, while the best LCDs can display around 2000 nits when calibrated. But based on the HDR data, there are highlights even brighter than this, and that’s where tone mapping comes in.

The tone mapping in a display adjusts how highlights too bright for the TV are shown. The simplest way is to clip highlights. With this method on an OLED TV, it displays everything up to 700 nits, and then everything above that is displayed as if it was 700 nits. This gives you the maximum possible light output but it also loses you the most detail as those bright objects, like clouds or snow, are now just white with no texture or details visible.

In simple terms...

Quote:The MaxCLL and MaxFALL metadata included in the HDR10 media profile allows consumer displays to adjust the entire video stream’s brightness to match their own display limits.

If you want to watch HDR10 content and see the picture details in both the highlights and shadows properly then MaxCLL/FALL becomes really important for Auto Tone Mapping projectors (click), that do not output exceptionally bright pictures to begin.

Additional Important Info regarding - MaxCLL/FALL HDR metadata:

After much reading - It appears different Brands of OLED TV use MaxCLL/FALL HDR metadata differently when Tone Mapping...

Quote:With static metadata HDR10 and HLG, manufacturers can adapt their tone mapping to fit the content to their TVs' capabilities and, as such, they all do things slightly differently with Sony going for consistent average picture levels, while Philips push for brighter punch and clipping and LG use a mixture of most approaches. Added to this is Dynamic Tone Mapping, not to be confused with dynamic metadata. Manufacturers like Sony, LG and Panasonic employ their own approaches to this on their OLED displays to maximise the performance scene by scene.

2019 Panasonic GZ (click)
Quote:Panasonic adjusts the tone mapping for static metadata based on the MaxCLL but also through its own dynamic tone mapping that tries to produce an image which retains image brightness and preserves specular highlights without clipping the detail or dimming the image overall. You can switch this on within the menu system and it works in a far more relaxed and subtle way when compared to the similar feature used by LG.

Sony A9G (click)
Quote:The Sony AG9 tone maps the same way with ALL static MaxCLL data it receives, so it doesn’t change its dynamic tone mapping for 1000, 4000 or 10000nits, rather it seems to work out its mapping on a scene by scene basis, where it tries to retain as much detail in the blacks, mid-tones and specular highlights before clipping..Brighter objects are more likely to be clipped by this approach, which retains the average picture level (APL) without the image getting too dark. However, it does track on the darker side of the industry standard PQ EOTF target and images are slightly darker when compared side by side with other OLEDs.

Philips 903
Quote:We looked at the PQ EOTF results first and sent the (Philips) OLED+903 both 1000 nit and 4000 nit image metadata and it didn’t change its tone mapping between them. This is unusual as most manufacturers have slightly different maps to try and preserve highlights in 4000 nit content.

Philips 854
Quote:The Philips 854 does not change its measured tone map based on static metadata, instead, it has a fixed response curve as seen in our graph here with HDR Perfect switched off...
The HDR Movie preset does default to HDR Perfect Minimum which is the best catch-all setting for 1000 and 4000 nit content.

Quote:LG 2019 OLED TV's feature a Dynamic Tone Mapping algorithm (Picture -> Picture Mode - Setting -> Expert Controls).
When Dynamic Tone Mapping is enabled 'On', the HDR10 tone-mapping curve will be dynamically generated after analysis of signal peak and histogram information on a frame by frame basis.

Correct - MaxCLL/FALL HDR Infoframe data output ? ***

*** 4K HDR - Tone mapped picture output is also very dependant on the picture processing capabilities of the connected 4K HDR display
- see https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid2909675

Intel / AMD X86_64 - YES if using a custom Windows Kodi v19 build from https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=345566 & 4K capable Nvidia GPU

ODROID N2 - YES - see https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid2862766

AMLogic S922X / A311D / S905X2 / S905D3 / S905X3 / S905Y2 devices - YES

Amazon 2019 FireTV Cube - YES - very likely due to AML S922Z chipset

NVIDIA Shield - YES - see https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid2805253

HiMedia Q10 Pro - YES looks like. See HERE (click)

Zidoo X series - Maybe, looking at the FW 2.1.4 (click) release. Read from that post onwards.

Zidoo Z series - YES, see https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid2882052

Amazon FireTV 4K Stick - Maybe if someone analyses HDMI Infoframe data.

Intel / AMD X86_64 - NO for Linux Kodi, No for Windows Kodi Leia.

RPi4b - NO - not until Kodi v19 M arrives, likely late 2020 - see the OSMC forum (click) for more info.

Rockchip devices - NO - see THIS post (click)

Vero 4K+ and older AMLogic S9xx chipset media players - NO, however Yes if you use the v4.9 Linux Kernel (CoreELEC -ng) or the OSMC testing Firmware update.

Apple TV 4K - NO for Infuse and MrMC Apps, but Yes for iTunes and AppleTV+ streaming, see HERE (click)

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