Solved Fix "queue song on selection" while playing music in Party Mode
Party Mode music is awesome, especially how when you add songs on the fly with the q button (or equivalent) they move right to the top of the list to play after the current song is finished.  Then once any deliberately chosen songs are done, Party Mode goes on its merry way playing more random songs as if you'd never interrupted it.

What's not awesome, though, is that "queue songs on selection" is broken in Party Mode.  If music is playing in Party Mode, regardless if "queue songs on selection" is true or false, selecting a song with the default Enter (or equivalent) stops the current song, interrupting the music, and immediately begins playing the new song.  Very lame.  What it should do, is if "queue songs on selection" is true, is exactly what happens when you highlight and press q.  Exactly.

I know I could work around it with keymaps, but that's lame too, it's just broken and should be fixed IMHO. Plus I'm out of extra keys on my main remote, and not interested in explaining to everybody that comes over what NOT to do when we just want to listen to some music.

I post a thread about this every few years, and put it on Trac a long time ago, nobody seemed to care.  Would be amazingly great if someone were interested in taking a look at it this time around.  Thanks for reading.

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Fix "queue song on selection" while playing music in Party Mode - by antisuck - 2018-05-28, 00:10

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Fix "queue song on selection" while playing music in Party Mode0
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