Android How to: Create additional Kodi Channels for Android TV Home launcher (Oreo)
(2018-06-13, 11:01)graviphoton Wrote: I don't know how Android TV channel support is internally solved but it seems that mechanism only populate content of Kodi's playlists to the Android OS. If it is the case any improvement in smart playlist mechanism could be automatically used for channels. So there is a hope. :-)

There's always a chance, but I wouldn't count on it, at least anytime soon.
(2018-06-13, 11:01)graviphoton Wrote: Yes I have used my beloved Eminence 2.0 skin which is not yet supported in Kodi 18 and was automatically disabled after first run.

I understand, I had to stop using Aeon Nox 4 because it was no longer supported and AE 5 wasn't really what I was looking for since it changed. But that's what happens, if you want the latest and greatest you may not be able to use the skin you like.  There's always a chance that a skin author will not update or make drastic changes with the skin, but you shouldn't sacrifice looks for features.

You might want to look through the WIP skins  there are some new skins which are Leia compatible and you may end up liking more.

(2018-06-13, 11:01)graviphoton Wrote: Yes I used your screenshot for showing how much space could be gained (for my comment in SHIELD Preview Program forum). If it is not ok for you sorry I will replace it with my own.

Nope, don't care, you can use them if you want. Just pointing out that I'm familiar with how everything looks. Still not sure what you were using them to illustrate though.
(2018-06-13, 11:01)graviphoton Wrote: I think I will use last watched TV shows channel then (until better solution emerges). It jumps directly to series list which is significant improvement over old way. 

Keep in mind that you can set multiple rules. You may not be able to get exactly what you want but you may be able to get close enough using more than one rule.

(2018-06-13, 11:01)graviphoton Wrote: vThe biggest issue I have is generating false movies items with the same title when updating library. These entries start TV shows episodes which are not in movies folder/source (very strange). Cleaning library removes these bogus entries but after updating library they are back. I spent almost hour finding what is wrong but I didn't come to any conclusion yet. It needs further investigation.

If it's a matter of the file name, why not just use a different name and then changing the sort order name if it's just a matter of the sort/display name? You can also just use the Link to TV Show in the context menu. Then you're movie will show up in the TV Show folder.

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