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v18 Kodi 18 - Live TV De-interlacing and Progress Bar Issues
Hi All,

I've been having an ongoing issue with Kodi 18 and the NextPVR Addon which I'm hoping to assist in troubleshooting. I've raised a separate issue for Timeshift already so I'll take that out of this discussion.

In essence, whenever I watch LiveTV, after about 5 Seconds I seem to lose de-interlacing (screen flickers and then its de-interlaced) and I get frequent "Kodi Progress Bar" pop-ups as well (Buffering?). As per my Timeshift issue, If I rollback to 17.6, its stable,
but I'm keen to assist in seeing if this is my hardware configuration or something else.

I'm in Australia so using NextPVR on a ML10v2 HP Micrsoserver with an SSD for the Timeshift Folder.

I've got 3 different Systems,
2 x Phenom 9750 AMD Quads with AMD R7 250 Video Cards (500GB SSDs) and
1 x Intel NUC (5xxx Series, so a bit older)

I've tried each Alpha Release along with multiple Nightlies to no avail.

I'm aware there is a NextPVR sub-thread but curious to see if other PVR Addons with Kodi 18 are experiencing similar symptoms.

Please let me know how I can assist.

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