Classical music best practices with v17 and futur v18
Thanks for your fast answer, I see you spend a lot of time on the project, thanks for your commitment but take care of you.

You ask me what I'd like to do and see, so I am surprised you don't have a list of requirement from the users. Don't you have?
I am a common user and want to do the same.
I remember 3-4 years ago, reading a thread for classical music with XBMC. Maybe you was in. They was thinking to add work, opus and maybe ensemble tag. They disliked the way MB add performer[role].
So you are working on it, do you have a bill of specifications? is it possible to know what you have done and what you will? It could be easier to read it instead boring you with our questions.

In your example, Elgar, Cello concerto, I see 11 tags that represent artists with 2 to 8 duplicated. I can't really get the purpose of it. Albumartist and Albumartists have nearly the same value.
Why Conductor tag but not Performer[Conductor]?
Why Performer[orchestra] but not adding Ensemble tag?
Why Artist and Artists with the same value?
In Performer[role], is role in a defined list or a free text. In the case of free text how do you manage to display one role and not another, if the user want it so?
The answer should be in your bill of specifications.
You wrote "ALBUMARTIST is what gets displayed" can you display only a selected role?
Quote:Kodi does nothing with that tag yet, but looking to the future for Classical music I advise having work and Musicbarinz Work Id tags in your music files. This offers the possiblity of fetching work details from Musicbrainz via the ID, rather than any clever parsing of work name (which is what your were thinking). Parsing name may happen too, but ID lookup is bound to be more accurate.
With this, is it possible to enter Beethoven (composer), then Symphony No. 3 (work) and get all the different releases of this work I have even if there is no data from MB? I have a lot of work not in MB. I know, I'll have to enter the values manually.
If the opus is in work tag, it should be parsed to search by composer, Opus/Kochel.
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