Setting up SMB or NFS on mac
I'm glad I have no intention of EVER using Catalina (which destroyed 32-bit support as well, which meant Photoshop CS3, iZotope RX and Microsoft Office 2012 here, none of which I want to pay to replace, let alone "rent" from the newer "Cloud" versions by Adobe and Microsoft).  I'm very unhappy with Apple on this and the lemmings on the Mac boards couldn't care less what Apple does.  They only use Facebook and Facetime anyway and the horrible Safari browser.  Hell, Mojave has issues for me as it is (fails to boot without going into safe mode every so often and doing a diskutil update Preboot command (no idea how it loses this over time, but I bet it has something to do with Boot Camp never getting an update as well in regards to APFS, although Windows 10 on it never fails to boot and SMB3 works religiously there while I sometimes get the odd "pause" from the Mojave server unless I reset it (turn off/on) after a reboot and then it seems good until the next reboot.  Frankly, El Capitan worked much more reliably, but I'm on a timer as it is for browsers, etc. continuing to work.  Microsoft is no picnic with their screwy updates either.  The days of a nice reliable server seem to be over.  The NVidia Shield firmware update seems to have brought back the dreaded "stops for no reason" issue on top of all that that previously went away on it by turning CEC commands OFF.  So either they've reenabled something not in the list internally or god knows what (shakes head).
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