100 Best Movies of All Time (smartplaylist)
@Harro  No TV & Movies must be in their separate playlist. But you can have both in one 'Node' as two entries. Video nodes (wiki) There's a lot of misunderstanding and difficulty setting nodes up, but once you get the quirks behind you, playlists and favourites will be left behind. Leave messages here if you have any difficulty.

@Kokonutcreme Editing the playlist itself will give you more options (alas It didn't seem they work) If you're really invested in this idea, then best solution would be to tag them with your own rating system. I use Kodi in Windowed mode, and a/b against an alpha sorted text list as that's the way Kodi handles the titles.
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RE: 100 Best Movies of All Time (smartplaylist) - by PatK - 2019-02-06, 07:02

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