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@Devs, please review performance issues
OK @quickmic, I'm back earlier than expected
(2019-01-21, 22:03)quickmic Wrote: Complete new Kodi backup with new generated db, default settings and just two nodes. I even unmounted my music-folder so I have no access to mp3s as well.!AsC6yIANTPi5cKWwvM5oPuB5Bbg!AsC6yIANTPi5bi3MzEbAMw9PN6E!AsC6yIANTPi5b1yzLxGxQFzK4kQ
I hope you can verify that. Please use exact selections as I do. e.g. if you try Genre user "Alternative" not "Alternative - Country" or so.
Right, now comparing artists list with artists list. I can see the slowness of clicking on genre = "Alternative" on the default Genres node (genres.xml, sorry I mistyped before but it was late) you experienced compared to your custom node, in both the log and the screen video.

However I still can't reproduce it Sad
This means that something else is happening on your set up that is not happening on mine, but I can't see what from the log.
quickmic Wrote:It seems I'm unable to make my point here
I believe you experience what you say, and I am sure now that I am trying the same thing. The issue now it is about reproducing it.

I suspect that something else is causing a query of the artists table on startup, and that it is still running while trying to get artists for a genre, hence the extra slowness. But that is just my first guess.

Is navigating the defaut genres route to artists for a genre always very slow, or does it only that slow sometimes? Could you try using the default genres node route more than once, but swap between different genre values, or to another node that lists artists to ensure that data caching etc. (slow to display nodes get saved to file, and reloaded from there) does not hide the issue. Or maybe leave a 5 min gap after startup and navigating to "music" as the selected item on the main screen (in left menu) before trying.
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