Kodi 18 Final - personal test and hopes for the future
I try Kodi 18 this night. The 64 bit edition is really fast to start and seems stable !
I remark some bugs (like a scroolbar not at the right place after switched windowed/fullscreen mode) but nothing really bad for now.

I still like Estuary but I still find that the thumbnails on the home are too big, it was smaller in old versions so it could be nice to be able to choose your own thumbail size because the feeling and visibility are not the same with different screen size.

I decide to test the retroplayer  which seem s to be the main new functionality and I've been disappointed : I don't understand... kodi retroplayer is really too basic...
The very old extension "Rom Collection Browser" was available since many years in Kodi and support roms scraping and playing... May be "Rom Collection Browser" still complementary to "retroplayer" to have scrapping or scrapping is scheduled for future versions ?
It doesn't fix the legal problems due to the bad use of Kodi (yes retrogaming is a really big market and it has no future with the next generations so it's now or never).
Furthermore there are a lot of competition in this sector (retropie,recallbox,launchbox,lakka...) so what's the point of developping this functionality ?


I look to the future and I think that may be it will be a better idea to put efforts on other things than retrogaming and keep focus on media center to provide great new functionalities :
  • A version of Kodi with a background service separated from the UI could be a real revolution. It could provide :
    • an always up to date library (useful if you add something in your library and you don't run Kodi)
    • an audio/video (upnp,DLNA,airplay...) server always available without the necessity to run the UI,
    • possibility to run the server part on headless linux server
    • possibility to run the player audio part on headless linux server with multiroom support
    • Possibility to provide an awesome remote cloud access with on the fly encoding (to propose alternatives to Plex/Emby for example...) 
  • A way to customize skin elements directly in the interface
  • a faster global search with better UI (available on the home page with only one click or one keyboard shortcut, auto refresh results during typing, ...)
An many other ideas which seems a priority comparing retrogaming...

I still use Kodi every day since the beginning (yes the old time when the name was xbmp!) so I don' forget : thanks for the awesome job ,
I hope that we will have some similar ideas for the next roadmap which have to be ambitious Smile
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