Kodi 18 Final - personal test and hopes for the future
Nice post. 

I also like the idea of the headless kodi.  There is a docker project out there (search for kodi headless) to do this but it feels like a hack instead of something native.  Reading through other threads though I don't think this is a priority to them.    I currently have to run 3 versions of kodi on my home server VM just because the watched status for each profile is not stored individual in the same db.  Have to keep 3 different db's in mysql.  However Kodi 18 no longer runs in a VM properly (has to do with graphics drivers) so I would have to figure out an alternative to move forward.

There are also issues with profiles.  Looks like the master profile gets loaded when you log out. This can be a bit annoying with the pvr stuff as when you login to another account it first has to wait on the pvr to shutdown just so it starts up again.  There is a delay at logon.  Also any other plugins are also now loaded at the logon screen.  It has been reported and apparently nobody available to work on it.  The kodi team is small and works pretty hard as it is. 

The retroplayer and drm updates are big.  I really want to use them, but the issue above I just can't work around.  I'll just have to wait until it gets fixed eventually.
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RE: Kodi 18 Final - personal test and hopes for the future - by GavinCampbell - 2019-01-30, 17:34

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