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Kodi 18 Final - personal test and hopes for the future
(2019-01-30, 18:58)DarrenHill Wrote: There is a long ongoing thread on the headless topic but as was mentioned earlier in this thread it's not a priority for the very limited dev resources that we have available (at least currently).

Kodi isn't designed to work that way, it's more for running on devices directly plugged into the display (or latterly on some displays themselves directly). The client/server model is of course what Plex uses, and that aim is I think what lead to its creation in the first place (as if you go back far enough Plex is a fork of Kodi/XBMC). The point is we're not trying to outdo or "beat" either Plex or Emby - we're happy to co-exist with them and for people to pick and choose the solution(s) they want that best suit their usage cases. Personally for example I use Kodi at home for my media needs, but when travelling I use Plex on a Firestick. Works fine and fits well in both applications.
 You're totally right, "beat" or money is not the objective or the philosophy of Kodi. That's one of the reasons why we love it Smile. And you're right too : kodi and plex at that time are perfectly complementary and based on the sames sources (like the famous retrogaming distributions too !)

... But when you come back from holidays and you see these movies that you watched during your holidays which are not marked as viewed it is a little frustrating, isn't it ?
Or another scenario : I took my ipad to watch a tv-show with Plex, when I come back on my TV with kodi I can't resume where I was : I have to seek : frustrating too. OK, like I explain it is possible to remedy to these sync problems with an add-on.... But...

What I mean is if a feature tend to become essential to the ecosystem and this feature is not open source and may be not free one day ... wouldn't it be interesting to anticipate and start integrating these features natively ?
And may be that if retrogaming took a place in the Kodi it shows that the media player part is complete (at that time) and it's time to implement the server side Wink

Mhhh yes... This is an inception  Rofl
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