Can't import any TV show episodes using local data
I replaced an SD show with an HD source yesterday and removed the old show from Kodi and scanned again to re-import it with the new HD info, but it wouldn't import. I stayed up way too late googling around trying to figure out what was going on, but I've not been able to find a solution. Further poking revealed that the show was being imported, but none of the episodes.

So, I wiped my Kodi profile and SQL database behind it (though this has persisted regardless of SQL usage) and found that no shows are importing. I use Ember Media Manager to prepare nfo files, and local data only when importing into Kodi. Here is a debug log from doing a fresh scan from a new, clean Kodi profile:

ufesetozed.kodi (paste)

I am currently using Kodi v18 x64. Ths first show legit doesn't have proper nfo data, but the majority of them (like Azumanga Daioh) do.

The best hint I was able to find in the debug log was lines like this:

10:01:24.051 T:17160   ERROR: VideoInfoScanner: Asked to lookup episode online, but we have no episode guide. Check your tvshow.nfo and make sure the <episodeguide> tag is in place.

episodeguide's presence is variable on a per-show basis, but the shows still won't scan in, giving this same message, regardless of whether it is present. Some googling showed that the URLs present in the field are the old v1 tvdb format, which I've found some claim to be problematic now. I have nfo files for all of the episodes, so based on my understanding of Kodi's data handling it shouldn't be trying to do an online lookup of this data anyway. I tried removing the episodeguide tag on a few shows that had it, but it didn't make any difference. A few weeks ago I was still on Kodi 17.3 and these exact same files were importing just fine at that point. Not sure what I should do here, any suggestions?
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Can't import any TV show episodes using local data - by sanmadjack - 2019-02-09, 23:32

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