Dummies Guide to Extended Artwork doesn't seem to be working for me...
To clarify, this is still a work in progress and should be considered an experimental feature. I have updated the guide to indicate that. There are some logic problems with the way this works in this early stage.

(2019-03-13, 22:06)Powerhouse Wrote: I've followed your Guide at the top, I've created the "Artist Info" folder outside of where my Music files are. I've exported the library, and it created 2000+ folders with the following files in each folder (artist.nfo, fanart.jpg, folder.jpg).
That is a good start. Seems everything is working at this point. One known bug is that Extended Artwork is not exported. Not sure when a fix will be applied. You can open a bug report if you like.

(2019-03-13, 22:06)Powerhouse Wrote: You then say to "Refresh an Artist for additional online information, the NFO File will block the attempt. Delete the NFO File for that Artist, (or all Artists depending on your requirement) to access online scraping." How are you going about "Refreshing Artists to download additional Online Information"?
Same as in the video library, if you have an NFO file and local artwork, Kodi will always default to them. One of the things missing in Music Library is the "Locally stored information found. Ignore and refresh from the Internet?" option as you have in the Video Library. Currently there is no way to tell Kodi to ignore the NFO File, so you have to delete them if you want to scrape additional information online.

(2019-03-13, 22:06)Powerhouse Wrote: How are you going about "Refreshing Artists to download additional Online Information"?
Go to the Artists folder, delete the NFO File, then in Kodi call up the Information Page for the Artist and select Refresh. Same as refreshing a movie.

(2019-03-13, 22:06)Powerhouse Wrote: I've also created the advancedsettings.xml file (just like yours at the bottom), and made changes to the Universal Artist and Album scrapers, yet I don't download any additional Artwork, and neither is the Artist.NFO file contain anything other than the Name of the Group, (Which is weird because the Artist.nfo files I get from using MediaElch have tons of information on the Artist in them).
Hmmm. Did you fully scrape your library before exporting? If you only scanned the tags, the NFO file will hold the bare minimum of information as all that information is held in the music file tags, so Kodi does not need to duplicate it in the NFO File. To now scrape your artists and albums online for extra information, you need to go to your Artist folder and delete the NFO Files. Same with your Album folders. Then scrape... https://kodi.wiki/view/Scraping_Music#Pe...the_Scrape

(2019-03-13, 22:06)Powerhouse Wrote: The extra fanart must be manually sourced." So did you just copy all those artwork into the folder, or did you use some program to download them for you (ArtworkBeef maybe?).
The extrafanart I personally have has accumulated over the years. All I did was move them out of the extrafanart folder and rename them. I think artwork beef can download extrafanart. Maybe check through its settings page. The other artwork, I have had since v17, so there was nothing extra I had to do. Just a reminder there is a bug/missing feature as described earlier.

Maybe @rmrector can comment on how Artwork Beef can fill in the gaps and I will update the Guide with workarounds for getting the extra art downloaded locally and loaded into Kodi.

(2019-03-13, 22:06)Powerhouse Wrote: Also, you list Artist Slideshow add-on, which I'ved used in the past, but when you configure it to use the "Artist Info" folder, it downloads all the extra artwork into the Extrafanart folder folder under each Artist in the "Artist Info" folder. Perhaps you can share you settings with Artist Slideshow to fix this issue.
I am currently using AeonNox:Silvo and Transparency! and neither use the Artist Slideshow add-on. Check with the skin thread to see how extrafanart is used.

Did I answer everything?
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