Understanding Music Ratings Philosophy
Awhile back @DaveBlake helped me tweak MyMusicXX.db to display ALAC ratings.  In the thread Dave explained how in V17 Kodi processes tagged music ratings to the UserRating column.  Previously in V16 the process was to incorporate the value to the Rating column.  I am presently using a graphic-rich skin (Aeon MQ7 Mod and/or MQ8) that includes code to display song ratings in several different screens as both numeric and graphical star values.  Two of these screens are the fullscreen musicvisualization.xml and a particular view for songs inside albums (WideView.xml). 

By my (limited) understanding, MusicPlayer.Rating and MusicPlayer.UserRating each provide different results.  Per InfoLabels Section 8.1 MusicPlayer.Rating provides "Numeric Rating of current song, also available are "MusicPlayer.offset(number).Rating" offset is relative to the current playing item and "MusicPlayer.Position(number).Rating" position is relative to the start of the playlist".  MusicPlayer.UserRating provides "The rating the user gave to the currently playing song".  These each possess valuable features but one cannot be used like the other.

For instance, attempts to use the "offset" feature of "MusicPlayer..offset(1).Rating" to display the rating of the Next Up song does not work when applied to MusicPlayer.UserRating (i.e.  MusicPayer.offset(1).UserRating).  So if a skinner wanted to display the rating of the Next Up song in V17 it will display "blank" under the current Kodi db processing rules because there is no value in the db Rating column.  I've confirmed this under tests.

Likewise, if I modify my db (using DB Browser for SQLite) to copy the UserRatings into Ratings, and then recode the View or Visualization to read Rating instead of UserRating the dispaly will not properly display any changes to the displayed rating because Kodi uses UserRating to allow a user to +/- a song rating.

As far as graphically displaying ratings as stars, only the $Info[MusicPlayer.Rating] works as a resource.  Using $Info[Music PlayerUser.Rating] as a resource does not work.

Can someone explain why there are two music ratings functions, correct me if my logic is faulty, or possibly consider program changes to process ratings simultaneously in both columns?

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